Monday, July 09, 2007

Using Baybayin

I've been incorporating my Modern Baybayin Fonts into my artwork and calligraphy every chance I get. Here are some samples:

What would brand name softdrink labels look like rendered with baybayin scripts?

coke baybayin
pepsi baybayin

What would a Post Card from the islands look like?

The Baybayin script on the top reads, "Maligayang bati, mula sa kabilang ibayo" (Greetings from a distant shore.) Baybayin is the ancient writing system of native Filipinos. The font is Baybayin Modern Round, found here:

The tattoo is modern but it's based on original Filipino tribal styles. The shield, loincloth, sword, and spear are native designs. The background - I found that in my hard drive - I don't know where it's from so dont bug.

"Proudly Pinoy" Logo Design Competition <- a competition to design a "Proudly Pinoy" logo intended for placement on Filipino websites. The idea is to create a logo which expresses the pride of being Filipino, and which will allow a web site to elegantly declare its Philippine identity. I sent these entries:

proud pinoy proud pinoy proud pinoy

Note the "Pa" character. Though it is kinda' hard to see, the script on the bottom reads: "Maipagmamalaki na sariling atin." (We can proudly call our own.) The script on the center of the ribbon says: "Pino(y)"


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pinoy metal
pinoy rock
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