Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sulat Mangyan

This is my version of the Hanunóo tribe's Surat Mangyan (also known to us locals as Sulat Mangyan). I received several request for this Mangyan script from my fellow Mindoreños. I also got tired of looking for the script hidden inside other font sets like the Quivira.ttf where you have to know how to access the Unicode range in order to view or use the Hanunóo or Buhid characters in that set.

What's new?

Like my previous font, Mindoro, I included the pamudpod as well as the cross kudlit or virama. To access the pamudpod use the equal key ( = ) and to access the virama use the plus key ( + ).

There is a new kudlit system?

The Nordenx fonts are created so that a standard western keyboard can easily access the baybayin characters. However, please note that the Mangyan script have different kudlit positions depending on what character is used. These different kudlit positions can be accessed by typing the keys for e, i, o, u, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (see sample image in the download page). Using these keys, you can easily and accurately position your kudlits to write the proper Mangyan syllables


Download this font set from:

Hanunóo writing is used mainly to write love songs or ʼambāhan, and also for regular and romantic correspondence. Learn more about this native art so that you may emulate them in your compositions. Please visit:
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Vincent said...

hi, nondex,thanks for your new release. I hope you can come up with the Buhid Sulat Mangyan, and the Tagbanwa Sulat Palawan to complete your living Baybayins.

Ichiro Ino said...

Yo, check this out

Pwede itong input editor para sa baybayin.

It's working, kaya lang may mali dun sa "n/N", alibata ng "ng" ang lumalabas, perfect na sana...