Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ukyabít - a Baybayin card game!

This is a radical Filipino alphasyllabary card game where you learn to use Baybayin script characters to build simple two to four syllable Tagalog words. Ukyabít is a revolutionary new and fun approach to word puzzle card games and language learning.

You can purchase your own copy of the First Edition Ukyabít here - www.thegamecrafter.com

It's not complicated but don't think it's simple. 

  • First, you have to know the Filipino language and Tagalog syllabary.
  • Next, you have to learn how use Baybayin script to build two to four syllable Filipino words.
  • And of course you have to employ some strategy to get those high scores.
Intimidated yet? I hope not. It's challenging but fun to learn with a group of friends and the more you get used to the game, the better and more exciting it becomes. Hopefully, these games that I make for you folks will give you a reason to pick up Baybayin once again

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