Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fonts WIP

The image below shows several unfinished/unreleased fonts in my computer's hard drive:

1) Kapampangan 1699 script is based on what is printed in the book Vocabulario de Lengua Pampanga by Alvaro de Benavente published in 1699.

2) Kapampangan 1962 script is based on what is compiled in a typed-written book of Kapampangan writer Zoilo Hilario's work entitled Bayung Sunis, published in 1962.

3) Kapampangan 1965 script is based on what is included this in renowned Kapampangan historian Mariano A. Henson's general list of Kapampangan characters in the final edition of his book Pampanga and Its Towns, published in 1965.

4) Kapampangan 2008 script is based on the modified version of the general list of characters presented in the primer Pamagkulit king Kekatamung Matuang Kasulatan written by Michael Pangilinan, published in 1989 by the Akademyang Kapampangan and later in Siuálâ ding Meángûbié (1995, 2002, & 2008).

More info on Kapampangan: Siuálâ ding Meángûbié website and Michael Pangilinan's paper.

5) Mangyan Buhid and Tagbanua are based on the Quivira.ttf entries but made to be easily accessed by regular keyboards just like my Mangyan Hanunóo font.

6) Modern Damo is a horror or scary style font based on dried grass formations, the kudlits on that font has a floral look.

And many more to come. ;)
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