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I finally finished uploading all updated Baybayin Modern Fonts this month and released several new fonts along with the it.

For a list of all the fonts, click here: "FONT DOWNLOAD PAGE"

Included in all my fonts are alternative glyphs/characters that you can use if you prefer to.
  1. ᜍ = ra: may be the only character modification I introduce. Its shape is carefully designed and based on D, P, R letter shapes and ᜇᜎᜉᜁ character shapes, strokes & qualities as well as the Bikolano, Mangyan, other Malay, and other Asian ra characters.
  2. x = virama [Spanish cross kudlit (+)]: rendered by the = equal and + plus keys, it cancels vowels, preferably for leading or stand-alone consonant sounds;
    ex. ᜊ᜔ᜍᜓ bro | ᜅ᜔ ng
  3. / = pamudpod (Mangyan's virama): rendered by the / forward-slash key, it cancels vowels, preferably for trailing or dead-consonat sounds;
    ex. ᜊᜍ/ bar | ᜈᜅ/ nang
  4. ● = solid kudlit marks can be used as traditional kudlits, I use them for high vowels i and u kudlit.
  5. o = hollow kudlit marks are alternatives that I use for the mid vowels e and o.
The other alternate characters (not modified, just a different style of the same type/character):
  1. O = ᜊ can still be pronounced as ba but can be used to signify va.
  2. vz = ᜐ can still be pronounced as sa but can be used to signify za.
  3. I and U characters has more complex strokes than E and O but are essentially still the same I/E and O/U characters.
  4. Uppercase Q renders the character combination ᜃ᜔ᜏ k'wa.
  5. Lowercase q renders the character combination ᜃᜓᜏ kuwa.
  6. Uppercase J renders the character combination ᜇ᜔ᜌ d'ya.
  7. Lowercase j renders the character combination ᜇᜒᜌ diya.
  8. Both X and x renders the character combination ᜃ᜔ᜐ k'sa. eg. ᜁᜃ᜔ᜐᜋ/ = exam
  9. Some font sets have ᜆ᜔ᜐ t'sa or cha assigned to uppercase C.
  10. Updated in all fonts, the A character ᜀ can now only be accessed by the uppercase A like the other vowel characters I, E, O, and U.
  11. You can use ᜉ fa as the traditional pa.
  12. My fonts use an old loop-ended version of pa that some of you may mistake as the old loop-ended ya. You may substitute them if you're looking for a traditional look.
  13. My ᜌ ya is a more modern open ended (non-loop-ended) glyph.
The updates reassigned several glyphs to different keys, standardized & cleaned several character strokes, and fixed compatibility clashing issues.
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