Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Baybayin Kapampangan

Súlat Kapampángan (a.k.a. pámagkulit or kulitan) is used for writing the Kapampangan language spoken by folks from the Pampanga province in the Philippines. Kapampangan is one of the major languages of the Philippines.

Kulitan differs slightly from Baybayin as it has been recently adapted solely for Kapampangan orthography. A different method of writing a combination of garlit (kudlit) diacritic marks with character ligatures & stacking is developed. Much of the character shapes originally were the same as Baybayin but through limited but continued use, Kulitan handwriting slowly evolved and in the recent decades they have changed to suit a vertical direction of writing popularized by current Kapampangan practitioners, scholars, artists, and academics.

Please review my previous blog entry about Súlat Kapampángan: Galit sa kulit - it explains some of the details about the Kapampangan method of writing.


Download this font set from: http://nordenx.deviantart.com/art/Baybayin-Pamagkulit-Font-246309064

Watch this video tutorial on "How to type Kapampangan script (Kulitan) vertically in Microsoft Word using the Pamagkulit Font inside a table." Please watch it in Full Screen Mode to see the details:

NOTE: Tagalog, Mangyan Hanunóo, Magyan Buhid, and Tagbanua have assigned Unicode blocks or ranges; Kapampangan does not have any assigned to it.


For more info about Súlat Kapampángan, visit: Siuálâ Ding Meángûbié

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