Sunday, June 03, 2012

Surat Mangyan UPDATE

Big update for Surat Mangyan fonts!

First off, a brand new font:
  • Buhid Script v.1.0

Download set from:

Next, major updates for existing Mangyan fonts:

Hanunuo Fonts UPDATED to v.2.00
* New kudlit position for Wu assigned to the 9 key
* New keystroke for Di assigned to Ae
* New kudlits assigned & extended to Buhid Unicode range
* Various internal file info & settings cleaned up
* New pakudos symbol assigned to the # key

Download set from:

Download set from:

Download set from:

What's up with kudlits being assigned & extended to the Buhid Unicode range?

When the original proposal to assign blocks of Unicode ranges was sent out to the Unicode Consortium, the people responsible did not ask for 28 more reserved spaces (14 for Buhid, 14 for Hanunuo) that should've covered the 14 unique kudlit positions required by different characters per both Buhid & Hanunuo scripts. Once the ranges were locked in, it has now become next to impossible to request or make drastic changes in the Unicode block.

Working around this limitation, I have devised a Unicode range redistribution plan for all Nordenx Baybayin fonts. -> DOCUMENTATION <-

The first test of this redistribution is underway via a new Surat Mangyan Unicode Typepad:

Please, test drive it and see what you think. :)

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