Friday, August 14, 2020

Trace and Teach - educational font

I will be releasing an educational tracing font with starting positions and stroke arrows for kindergarten, beginners, teachers, workbooks, etc. SOON! (I know, often my "soon" turns out to be months or years or never. :P Please be patient.)

However, these fonts will not be free. I plan to release them as commercial fonts. I have been developing these of-and-on since 2003 and they have been a lot of work. Since creating these have been time and labor intensive, I want some return on investment. These fonts will be for sale.

Baybayin Modern Teacher fonts are TrueType fonts that assists young learners in printing Baybayin and Surat Mangyan letter shapes correctly and efficiently.  It provides lines containing dotted letters for students to trace with the starting position and stroke directions illustrated for each letter, and punctuation mark.  The fonts have been carefully developed to provide an intuitive, practical introduction to writing Baybayin and Surat Mangyan.

The fonts uses extended stroke direction arrows to discourage students from lifting their pencils between strokes unnecessarily so that students do not form disjointed letters. Learning correct stroke sequences improves penmanship and encourages students to get used to the cursive and wavy strokes of Baybayin.

Many students never learn correct penmanship because stroke sequences are seldom emphasized in the classroom during formative years. Then in later grades it is very difficult for teachers to correct poor writing habits that are already well encoded into students' procedural memory. Get it right the first time around with Baybayin Modern Teacher fonts!

Besides learning correct stroke sequences, teachers will find that the standardized, uniform, and simpler letter shapes of these fonts to be practical and easier for the students to learn. The typeface is a cleaner and simpler version of the Doctrina Christiana typeface. As always, I added of the set of alternative glyphs from my modern set and proposed reform. I added the modern RA and the kawi based JA, Mangyan pamudpod, x-kudlit, anusvāra, visarga, e/o kudlits, pallawa & padalaw-a marks, and other syllable-doubling marks; assigning them to the appropriate keys.

Baybayin Modern Teacher fonts works like other custom fonts. After you buy the font, you download the font file, and install it on your Mac or PC. Then you use whatever software (like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or other software like Interactive White Board (IWB) software) to create resources for your class, like tracing sheets or flash cards.