Thursday, March 10, 2016

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13-ICAL Epilogue

The 13th. ICAL (International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics), was held at the Institute of Linguistics in Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, last July, 18 to 23, 2015.

With the help and support of our fundraising donors, generous people, friends, and family, Mike Pangilinan and I were able to present our papers at ICAL last year. Mike and I greatly appreciate their help.

We and our papers were well received and praised by international linguistic scholars and professionals who were in attendance. Our presentations were on point and they went smoothly. I'm pretty happy with the reception and validation of my work by our peers.

Mike Pangilinan, as our panel leader, introduces me to the audience before my presentation.

I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from this conference. Attending and absorbing most of the presentations that I can catch every day of the event, I've learned much about various studies, methodologies, histories, practices, and projects relating to various Austronesian and Southeast Asian languages. All these knowledge can be applied to further continue our own efforts with Philippine scripts.

I also have met and spent time with the top international Austronesian & SEA language scholars and professionals during the event. Conversations with these great minds were extremely entertaining and enlightening. I got reacquainted with awesome people I've met previously in Tokyo. And I met new and amazing people and made friends with them in this venue.

Gained new important connections and expanded our network, finally met folks from SIL too. There were a couple of acquaintances from social networks whose work on Philippine languages I admire and follow for years; I met them in person for the first time at the conference. It was a bit surreal when we talked as if we've known each other for a long time.

Our papers and presentation slides can be perused at:

An excellent article in by Eunice Barbara Novio gives further details about the overall purpose of our participation:

Mangyan, Kulitan, and Baybayin fonts created for our 13-ICAL fundraising (will be released sometime soon):

Mangyan, Kulitan, and Baybayin fonts created for our 13-ICAL fundraising.



It took me a while to recover from this trip (my health went on a decline the weeks and months following my return from Taiwan) and I was meaning to write about it earlier last year. Now, the time has come for another linguistic conference and I need to continue moving on to the next level.

Next stop, Manila!