Friday, April 05, 2019

Ey! LoCaNo Font!

A LoCaNo Font! Finally!

A new release. But it's not a new font. I've had this in my "Work In Progress" (WIP) folder for years. My procrastinating lazy ass finally got it all cleaned up.

This font is based on the original 15 character set from Fr. Francisco López's 1621 Ilocano translation of the 1597 book Belarmino. The typeface is from Fr. Andrés Carro's Vocabulario de la lengua Ilocana, 1849. I started working on this font back in 2006, I tried to standardize and make the character elements uniform. Of course I added other features that is standard throughout my modern baybayin fonts.

The font name "LoCaNo" is derived from López Carro Nordenx.
Download this font set from:

If you prefer to use López's limited 15 set and Carro's classic typeface as originally printed, you can feel free to do so. However, the characters are typed the way other Nordenx fonts are assigned on the keyboard.
  • Carro's ᜁ "E/I" is assigned in the "I" key. The "E" key renders a Nordenx special "E" character.
  • Carro's ᜂ "O/U" is assigned in the "O" key. The "U" key renders a Nordenx special "U" character.
  • The "B" key renders Carro's ᜊ "BA" while the "V" and "W" keys renders Nordenx's special "VA" and classic "WA" characters respectively.
  • The "K" key renders a classic "KA". The "C" key renders a "TSA" (cha) shortcut.
  • Carro's disjointed ᜇ "DA" can be found under the "9" key. The uppercase "D" key renders a Nordenx special "JA" character and the classic "DA" is the lowercase "d".
  • The "J" and "j" keys types the "DIYA" and "DYA" (ja) shortcut.
  • Uppercase "G" renders Carro's disjointed ᜄ "GA". The lowercase "g" types the classic "GA".
  • The classic ᜎ "LA" is assigned on the "L" key and the Unicode "RA". :P
  • Carro's ᜋ "MA" is typed using the lowercase "y" key. The lowercase "m" key types a classic "MA" character.
  • Uppercase "N" types ᜅ "NGA", the lowercase "n" renders a ᜈ "NA" as usual.
  • Carro's odd ᜉ "FA/PA" is assigned to the uppercase "F" key, the lowercase "f" key displays a Nordenx special "FA" character.
  • Carro's closed-tailed or looped ᜌ "YA" can be typed using the "P" or "p" keys.
  • Carro's V3 shaped ᜐ "SA" can be typed using the "Z" keys. 
  • The "X" and "x" keys types the "KSA" (xa) shortcut.
  • Nordenx special characters for "RA" is assigned in the "R" keys.  
  • The "h" key types a Nordenx special ᜑ "HA" character.
  • Use the + key for Lopez's + virama, the # key for Carro's ☩ virama, and the = key for Nordenx's x virama. 
I feel like I need to go into further detail and explain more about the decisions I made about this set... maybe later. :P

© All rights reserved, Nordenx Baybayin Modern Fonts are copyright of their typeface designer & creator Norman de los Santos. Free for personal and non-commercial use only. Please contact me at for any inquiries about commercial use and licensing for branding, printing, publications, and/or other electronic applications.

If you have any questions about this odd font set, feel free to email me or message me via facebook. ^_^