Thursday, December 22, 2022

It's About Time

Travel back in time...

A few months ago, an artist buddy of mine, Kristian Kabuay of, alerted me about a commercial product that was using one of my font/typeface. He and a couple of other members of the baybayin community reached out to the business via social media and informed him about the commercial-use stipulation within my EULA. 

Upon learning about the licensing requirement, the company's owner, supplicating pardon for not having contacted me sooner about the use of my font, promptly purchased a commercial license for the font. The interaction was cordial and I find Mr. De Guzman quite amiable. 

The Baybayin Brush font that De Guzman & Co. acquired a commercial license for:Baybayin Modern Brush Font

Christmas Time!

A day ago, I received a package. De Guzman & Co. sent me one of their wonderful timepiece! I am delighted by the gesture and am enthralled by the quality & craftsmanship of their product. It's such a marvelous gift. Proudly Filipino made, obvious with its tagline "Mula sa Republika ng Pilipinas" (From the RP).

For details, visit:

Watch out! 

Watch enthusiasts will appreciate the classic/vintage style of this wristwatch. They sent me an Emerald Green/Black DG009 model with a GMT movement and golden gilt printed dial markers. According to their website, this particular model is also available in Ghost Gray/Red. They also have two other models: DG008 Classic and DG010 Diver. 

It's Time for Baybayin.

Currently, all their timepieces displays a minimalist use of Baybayin characters/letters to represent the hours. These are:

  • — the first syllable for "isa" (1)
  • — the first syllable for "dalawa" (2)
  • — the first syllable for "apat" (4)
  • ᜎᜒ — the first syllable for "lima" (5)
  • ᜉᜒ — the first syllable for "pito" (7)
  • — the first syllable for "walo" (8)
  • — the first syllable for "sampu" (10)
  • — the first syllable for "labing-isa" (11) 

 A Clock with a Chock-full of fine details.

This is a marvelous gift. De Guzman & Co. is a Filipino watch micro-brand, it's very rare to find a watch company like this with products of caliber in the Philippines. Certainly a unique luxury item, offering nothing but the best: sapphire crystal, solid milled clasp, case, and bracelet from 316L stainless steel, screw adjustable links, water resistance up to 100 meters, etc. I am particularly glad that they chose to use my baybayin typeface on their clockface. ^_^

Presentation that's great for gifting.

Many thanks to De Guzman & Co. for this holliday gift, I shall treasure it always. 

This is not just a gift to me, but it is also a gift for all Filipiniana collectors, Filipino watch enthusiasts, and the Baybayin/Philippine script revival & preservation supporters, among others. 

Yes, this must sound like an adertisment. But IMHO this trully makes for a great present. I mean, just look at their packaging! Look at the details and the extras that comes with it. :D

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