Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baybayin Fonts Typepad


Outdated tech, Adobe Flash no longer functions. 


Do you want to test drive fonts before downloading them?
Do you want to write a word in Baybayin and share the IMAGE in Facebook?

If the application below doesn't load, try this link: Baybayin Typepad Page

Font Legend:

Warning! Do not rely on this tool for correct spelling and transliteration. This is a freeform learning tool. Unless you're already proficient with Filipino languages and Baybayin script, transcribing is best left to professionals.


UPDATED to version 2.0
  • updated old fonts and added new fonts
  • added an image capture feature so you can download/save a .jpg copy of what you wrote and then upload/share it to your social media page like Facebook


Anonymous said...

how do you type the "Nga" Character??

Anonymous said...

N Key = Nga
n Key = Na

Anonymous said...

how bout the E/I and O/U character??

Anonymous said...

E Key = I/E Character
e Key = e Kudlit Marker
I Key = I/E Character
i Key = i Kudlit Marker
O Key = U/O Character
o Key = o Kudlit Marker
U Key = U/O Character
u Key = u Kudlit Marker

Anonymous said...

maraming salamat po :)